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With over 20 years of experience as brand owners, marketing strategists, and content creators, our team sees SEO through an untraditional lens. The result is deep insights that not only drive traffic to your website, but clarify your business strategy.

Our Story: An Agency Formed From Successful Acquisitions

There’s something different about working with a team who understands your challenges. At 805 SEO, we’ve started, developed, and exited businesses in various product and service businesses. Both in local brick n mortar establishments and online ecommerce, our experience means we’ve walked a mile in your shoes. 

Our Approach

There’s a saying about our industry that states “SEO is a long-term approach.” While that may be true, we approach search engine optimization with different expectations. Our objective is to bring you results as fast as possible.

While rankings take time, we can put insights to work right away. That’s why our team leverages our research across other methods of digital marketing while providing data-based consultative work for our clients.

Our Founder

Jason Vaught’s entrepreneurial journey began in Middle School with a successful on-campus retail candy and soda business. While the educational system may have shut down his proprietorship, it didn’t destroy his desire for business. 

Since 2006, Jason has owned and operated 14 businesses in the CPG, nutraceutical, fitness, and clothing categories.

Through his passion for content marketing, Jason shifted gears and holds the chief strategy officer position at 805 SEO. With a borderline obsession with client success, expect Jason to ask challenging questions and present unique opportunities from our SEO research. 

A No-Nonsense Approach to SEO 

Content marketing and search engine optimization are a lot of work, but we love getting our hands dirty. What this means is you won’t find any clickbait low-price offers on our site. Why? Because we don’t want to waste either parties time. 

Learn More About 805 SEO

The best way to test the quality of our service is by scheduling a time with our team. Our no-pressure meeting will help you understand our methodology and provide you with some takeaway information on how to improve your SEO. If we are a fit, then expect us to get excited about the possibility of working together.  

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