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An Agency With Decades of Business Experience

Having owned numerous brick n mortar and online businesses over the past two decades, we see business differently than most agencies. We’ve walked in your shoes, investing in numerous marketing methods with mediocre results.


805 SEO was the best strategic decision our young company has made to help us get some google search recognition. We went from unknown to being at the top of the google search for our segment. Jason not only provide us with the search engine optmization for our business, but also crafting a good plan moving forward and helped us understand the process to have a clear path to success. As we here at 805 Estate Staffing & Management expand, we will look to continue working with Jason for SEO and content marketing strategies for our business.

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How 805 SEO Began

The idea of creating an agency began after a successful business exit in 2021. Taking the expertise we learned through high-level search engine optimization in very competitive industries, we decided to use that knowledge to help businesses big and small.

Our Partners

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But Businesses Needed More

While we remain rooted in search engine optimization, building marketing on a solid foundation, we found that businesses needed a marketing partner who would put their business first. Our belief in maximizing our impact led us to website development and content marketing. 

Our Approach To Marketing

When you work with 805 SEO, you will align with a partner who believes in transparency, plays the long game, and does not waste the client’s hard-earned money. 

Our approach is always to create a strong website architecture, lead with SEO, and leverage this work across email marketing, social media, and more. Our aim is to continuously improve your campaign to drive more qualified leads to your business.

About Our Founder

Jason Vaught’s entrepreneurial journey began in Middle School with a successful on-campus retail candy and soda business. While the educational system may have shut down his proprietorship, it didn’t destroy his desire for business. 

Since 2006, Jason has owned and operated 14 businesses in the CPG, nutraceutical, fitness, and clothing categories.

Through his passion for content marketing, Jason shifted gears and holds the chief strategy officer position at 805 SEO. With a borderline obsession with client success, expect Jason to ask challenging questions and present unique opportunities from our SEO research. 

Learn More About 805 SEO

The best way to test the quality of our service is by scheduling a time with our team. Our no-pressure conversation will help you understand our methodology and provide valuable insights on improving SEO and digital marketing. If we are a fit, expect us to get excited about possibly working together. 

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