SEO Writing Services

SEO Writing Services

Content marketing is no longer just for big companies with large websites. SEO content writing is a requirement for nearly all small businesses looking to increase their ranking. Quality content signals to Google, Bing, and Yahoo that your website continues to be relevant in your industry and topic.

At 805 SEO, we believe that content creation is the backbone of any good SEO strategy. Our SEO writing service includes content strategy, content creation, and content optimization. We write all of your web content in a way that the search engines and the customers will find helpful to understanding your business.

Article writing Service

Including quality articles on your website shows you are the leader in your space. More than a standard blog post, creating professional content that covers a topic in full. Our article and blog writing service takes quality seriously. We take every measure possible to make sure we only publish great content on your website.

You find that working with our SEO article writing is painless and rewarding. Our clients feel empowered as they not only have a resource to provide existing clients, but the topic is now top of mind and easy to speak about.

Whether publishing monthly, weekly, or constant content for marketing saturation, working with our team will produce the same quality of content time and time again.

Website Content Writing Services

Having an SEO writing specialist is not enough it comes to your products and services. For all sales pages, we focus on SEO copywriting, which combines keywords and topics with direct response copywriting to increase the call to action. Essentially, this means we help these pages rank well and sell!

But we can’t forget about your other web content. The about us, location and category pages are all crucial to building a complete SEO website. Our SEO services make sure that buttons up all pages, making them the best they can be to rank in any search engine.

Social Media Writing Services

Whether or not you are successful at social media marketing, you need to be posting on all major platforms to send social signals to the search engines. We offer Social Media SEO services, creating written content covering the what questions being asked and topics of interest through search or using hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Our services will integrate content written on your website with posts on your social media pages. This complete approach builds upon your authority and increases your attention grabbing frequency.

Here is How we Help

We take every page on your website seriously, whether it is blog content, product pages, or company information. Your 805 SEO content writer is the best resource to address the following issues.

Thin Pages

A single indexed page on your website with a low score count can have more of an impact on your total SEO than you would expect. Covering. the topic completely is standard operating procedure for 805 SEO. We take it seriously even if it is a page fewer people visit and isn’t as important as others.

We will help in writing content on these pages where you are not sure what to say and use them to support your other more important pages. It could be to point people to other good content or redirect them back to your sales page. Either way, we won’t let any page appear “dead” on your website.

Low Content Scores

We will identify ways to optimize your current website content through topic and keyword research. Our team uses the latest AI software to find related content to include in your page and build upon what you already have. To keep it simple, we take good content and make it great.

Duplicate Content

Do you have multiple articles or pages on your website covering the same topic? If so, you could create confusion about which article should be the most important for increasing your search engine ranking on that topic. The solution is to merge duplicate content into one really strong blog article or sales page.

Internal & External Linking

Search engines want your online content to play nicely with the internet and give them direction of where to go next within your own website. Adding the right internal and external links is important to both page and website rankings. Our team does the heavy lifting and finds the right pages within your site and external references for the topic being covered.

Our Content Writing Team

We follow a specific protocol when you work with our SEO writers

  1. Your writer builds the foundation of the article, hitting all the SEO topics.
  2. We schedule a call with you to gain expert insight into the topic and any additional areas needing to be covered.
  3. The content writer completes the article, making sure we hold it the reader’s attention and covers the topic in full.
  4. Our team edits the article to ensure that it is grammatically accurate and easy to read.
  5. We build internal and external links into the article.

What makes our SEO content writing services special is that we go beyond blog post creation that lives only on your page.

Our SEO content writing service also includes:

  1. Meta Tag Descriptions
  2. Recommended URL title
  3. Social media snippets
  4. YouTube descriptions
  5. Podcast descriptions

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