Local SEO

Have questions about optimizing for the search engines and how SEO companies might help? Here you will learn about search marketing and how an SEO agency can help you improve your visibility in the search engines.

Why Your Local Business Needs Search Engine Optimization

Isn’t SEO dead? That is a question that gets asked by many business owners. The answer is that BAD SEO is dead. Gone are the days where you could flood your website on the most important search term and hope to increase keyword ranking.

The search engines have evolved, but in a good way. Now SEO efforts must focus on building an authoritative website that follows SEO best practices that make it easier for Google to understand what your company is about.

Out With the Bad and In With the Good

Basically, google search has gone from being a noisy world full of black hat tactics to a field of opportunity for those who put in the time and effort. SEO is alive and well for local businesses that deliver a quality product.

Here are three ways your local SEO clients can win with their midsize or small business.

Drive the Right Traffic to Your Website

Paid search marketing and social media marketing have developed with specific client filters. However, there is no better way to drive the right traffic to your website than through organic search marketing.

When your search engine ranking increases through optimization and content creation, it is because Google has determined you to be the authority in that topic. They rewarded you with quality website traffic and earned the Google seal of approval. Our SEO firm will help you take the steps to ensure you become that authority.

Expose Clients To your Business Before the Competition

When developing your content and strategy with an SEO consultant, you will find opportunities to rank for terms lower in the funnel. For example, if you are a plumber, you may understand the need to rank for “plumber near me” but you may not know about the importance of “leaking faucet.”

As your SEO provider, we will identify these important topics to help you grab market share before the competition sees it coming.

Build Another Asset into Your Company

Owning the search engines for your industry is a long term strategy but also an exit play. When it comes time to step away from the business you have built, holding the top spot gives you an advantage when coming to the negotiation table.

People often think that a well done web design is enough to showcase their website. Unfortunately, web design is like exterior paint and landscaping on a house. While it is necessary to get top dollar, it is the foundation and construction of the house that peaks the most interest.

We have seen companies get more buyer interest from companies that have a strong SEO brand position. Using our SEO service to achieve top ranking will give you multiple ways to see an ROI.

How Local SEO differs from National SEO

To win in search marketing, you either need a big budget or to fall into one of the following four categories:

  1. Existing company with a high domain authority (brand presence) for your industry.
  2. Small niche website (typically side income) that focuses on lesser searched terms that are easier to rank for.
  3. Building a website in a new and emerging industry where the bigger players have yet to take notice.
  4. Small to mid-size businesses serving a local demographic for a more targeted search.

The strategy is different for a small to midsize company looking to grow their presence through Local SEO marketing. Google has a unique algorithm for businesses with brick n mortar locations with a physical address.

Taking Advantage of Your Google Business Profile

Google will display any local search with the relevant keyword with the right intent with a special box that shows local businesses. Most businesses simply accept the position, assuming that Google has made their final decision.

Formally known as Google My Business, your company has a suite of tools to optimize your GMB listing. But this is not where the story ends. The more relevant and rich your website is, the better you will position yourself in the business listing section.

As your Google Partners, Our SEO company will help optimize your Google Business Profile and monitor your position in the business listings.

Google Maps

Have you seen the Google cars driving around with a camera on the roof? Google has a vested interest in their maps service and constantly works to keep their service as the best. Customers agree with 67% percent of people choosing Google Maps as the preferred service.

As a local business, it is crucial that you incorporate Google Maps into your SEO strategy. A well built marketing plan for Google Maps is a two-way street (pun not intended). This means that optimizing your maps for your website and your website for your maps will cause better positioning for both searches.

Our SEO company has built a strategy to help you with wherever your clients find you. We use specific SEO tools to monitor your position in Google Maps from each zip code where your clients find you.

Optimizing for Local Search Terms & Topics

There are specific topics and terms for your community that may differ from other areas. Local SEO focuses on the conversation that exists in your city and surrounding areas. An office, retail store, or service center can benefit by being at the top of the list for the topics clients may discuss that involve your business.

More than searches involving your city or “near me,” you can be the first point of reference for any topic around your area. Here are a few examples.

  1. You have a Mexican restaurant and have the best burritos in town.
  2. You own a surf camp that teaches children to surf.
  3. You run a water free car wash center.
  4. You’ve started a store that helps people learn to play board games.
  5. You built a property management company that requires no security deposit.

Ranking in your area for indirect questions, topics, and search terms puts you into the client’s mind as an option and resource within your community.

Your Partner in Search Engine Optimization

Our team has built successful SEO campaigns for local businesses in the 805 as well as national campaigns for enterprise level organizations.

  • Detailed SEO strategy giving you quick wins in search results as well as long term success.
  • Relevant content creation that the search engines and your clientele will love.
  • Accurately setup websites for optimal Technical SEO to ensure your investment yields the best results.

Services Included

There is no size fits all approach to search engine optimization. While our SEO packages cover the fundamentals that every strategy should include, factors such as client goals, industry type, and competitiveness are all reasons for a more individualized approach.

Below you will find the types of services that we offer.

Services to Optimize and Enhance Your Website

SEO Web Design: The structure and layout of your website plays a crucial role in how a search engine bot crawls your website. Our SEO company ensures your images are pages, text, and images are optimally created so they are easily recognized by the bots.

Keyword Research: As a part of your content strategy we will find the important keywords, topics, and questions about your field. We will then build and monitor your ranking position for the words and terms important for your business.

Google My Business Management: Our team will keep on top of your GMB account and utilize the many features that are available to business owners. This includes company descriptions, Google My Business posts, and responding to reviews.

Online Review Management: Reviews matter to clients and reviews matter to search engines. When you work with our SEO agency we help develop consistently new reviews for your business to keep you relevant in Maps & online searches for your type of business.

Article Writing: Covering the important topics about your industry is both important for your clients as well as your rankings. We will help turn your expertise into written content that your customers and the search engines will love.

Link Building: The more qualified links that come into your website the greater perceived authority you have. We will help ensure you are linked in all the directories and help you develop a strategy for building links to your website from local organizations.

Monthly SEO Report: Keep up to date with our proprietary tracking system that utilizes Google Analytics, google search console, and other services to provide comprehensive feedback about progress and next steps.

Services That Support Your Website SEO Strategy

To rank in the top position your website needs to consistently receive traffic. The following services we offer are used to help support the main intent of driving traffic to your website.

Youtube SEO Descriptions: It makes sense to invest some time into this video platform since Google owns Youtube. To win on the second largest search engine (YouTube) you need to deliver an important message both in the video and the description. We help to create compelling and SEO rich descriptions to increase your reach.

Social Media Descriptions: Struggling to figure out what to do with social media? A simple and effective strategy is to leverage your SEO and content marketing efforts through your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, & TikTok, and other emerging platforms. Our team will pull pieces from website content and optimize it for social media posts as social triggers that Google will recognize.

SEO Social Signals is how Google pays attention to shares, likes, and total visibility as a secondary ranking factor for your website.

Email Marketing: Engaging with your clients through email keeps your website alive and your company at the top of their minds. For SEO purposes we send traffic to your main page for brand authority and to new articles in order to assist with your content marketing results.

Retargeting Campaigns: Most paid advertising and digital marketing campaigns will include retargeting as a part of their package, but rarely do SEO’s consider it an important factor. Retarget marketing is an inexpensive way to increase your total websites visits and return visitors. The more quality traffic you get and the more frequent people return to your website, the more authority (and search strength) it shows. 

We Have Walked In Your Shoes

Prior to establishing 805 SEO we owned and operated numerous local businesses. Having owned everything from retail, delivery, and service based businesses, we understand your needs and even your reservations to hiring an SEO specialist.

Are you ready to increase your rankings in the search result and build quality content marketing into your marketing plan? Fill out the form below to schedule a time for your free SEO strategy session.