Stand Out From The Crowd With SEO

Paso Robles is big business. With over two million tourists traveling to our city, there is an opportunity to capitalize on the visitors filling our streets drinking wine and enjoying the beauty. Besides travelers, we have a community of people who love to support local business.

What are you doing to increase your chance of being found by a local or visiting customer who has a need for your business? In such a competitive landscape, it is important that you take the steps to be seen at or before the point that consumers need your product or service.

Why You Need SEO For Your Paso Robles Business

There are multiple ways to increase the visibility of your business. You can invest in print advertising, social media advertising, or pay per click ads. While these may be a part of your advertising strategy, they all offer a pay today, gone tomorrow business model.

Search engine optimization is different. Once you have positioned yourself as an authority, competitors must work harder and smarter to take your spot. As with most things in life, longer term results have a better payoff.

Reaching The Customer Before They Travel

SEO is one of the best forms of online marketing for catching visitors before they travel. Showing up at the top of google search results when a customer searches for a specific keyword or topic puts you at the front of their mind before the competition.

With the right content, branding, and offer, you can create stickiness that leaves an impression and also gives you the opportunity to continue visibility as their travel date approaches.

Reaching The Customer When They Arrive

A potential customer will use two fundamental ways to find a local business when they land in town. They will either use a directions search such as google maps or a google search that displays the local businesses in this category. You want to be the top result for both.

In the maps, it is important that you optimize your profile for the services they offer and your reviews mention specific topics that the customer may look for.

In the search results, you want to be the most authoritative and respected company in the surrounding area. This way, it becomes difficult for a potential client to choose any other option. You just look too good!

Reaching Your Community

The best offense is a great defense. You need more than just a popular following if you want to gain and retain clients from your local community.

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