Stand Out From The Crowd With SEO

While San Luis Obispo appears to be a quiet and spacious city, between the residents, Cal Poly students, and visitors, there is a massive business opportunity. Beyond word of mouth, your company can capitalize on the long list of people searching for local businesses.

SEO Services for San Luis Obispo

The term SEO may seem old school and some even believe it to be a “dead” industry, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Search engine optimization has developed and improved year after year. Now search engines such as Google reward those operating a respected business and follow SEO best practices as a part of their company’s strategy.

In brick n mortar businesses, it is said that location is everything. This is still true, but for landing new potential customers, digital marketing focused on increasing your ranking in business listings, maps, and organic search is the most important.

Do you have a strong referral system leading to new clients every month? If so, good, but to achieve business goals exceeding years past, you need a marketing strategy adding both short term and long term value to your successful business.

How SEO Fits Into Your Business Plan

A solid SEO strategy helps reputable businesses stand out. Companies that offer a bad product or service will only die faster because of investing in search engine marketing. Whether you do not have a current marketing budget or using other methods such as:

  • Local print ads 
  • Coupon mailers
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Social media advertising

SEO will help you maximize your other ad spend by understanding the message you need to deliver and identify lower cost search terms that give you a stronger ROI. 

Through SEO services, you will gain insight into what the client actually wants you to talk about and offer them. SEO is not only to increase rankings but also to get out the conversations happening in your customers minds. 

Marketing to Visitors

With a local SEO strategy, you can be the first company a visitor sees before they travel to SLO or when they arrive. By targeting the right keywords and topics, 805 SEO will make your local business the authority and trusted source for your business industry. Search engines will take notice of your business and so will potential customers.

Marketing to College Students

With over 20,000 students attending Cal Poly, you must be the first business they see when their car breaks down, needs a computer fixed, or wants a delicious cup of coffee. Our SEO experts will make sure that your business increases the amount of traffic it receives from college students in our area.

Marketing to San Luis Obispo Residents

SLO is home to over 45,000 people and is steadily growing over the years. With this many people in your city, you can’t expect them all to know about your business. It is important that your marketing efforts reach the people interested in your business before they make their buying decision.

Our SEO services will increase brand awareness by increasing your position for relevant topics and exact match phrases that future customers search for. We will broadcast your expertise to a wider audience and remove “best kept secret” from your business.

SEO Services We Offer to Central Coast Businesses

We believe in a synergistic approach to increasing your search results. Our proprietary SEO strategy goes beyond tools and tactics, but takes a holistic approach to increasing your Google ranking.

Whether your a small business owner or building a global enterprise, we want to be your Central Coast SEO experts that clearly identify and support your business goals.

The services we offer are all developed in order to support your SEO efforts.

  • An executed content marketing strategy that includes SEO content optimization and content creation.
  • A stronger online presence with a website design that is set up for proper technical SEO.
  • Continued premium website hosting and website development
  • Monthly reporting for Google analytics, search console, and Google business profile (formally Google My business) management
  • Link building and management of listing directory
  • Reputation management for SEO in organic reviews
  • Bing, yahoo, DuckDuckGo, & Yandex management
  • SEO for YouTube, Podcasts, and other online marketing efforts.
  • Social media marketing to increase your SEO efforts

Our agency makes search engine optimization a top priority. The local SEO and Enterprise SEO campaigns we built are there to increase traffic, customer retention, and add a long-term asset to your business. It is our #1 goal to increase your search engine, maps, and business listing visibility.

Free SEO Strategy Call

Ready to talk about our San Luis Obispo SEO services, then reach out to an 805 SEO specialist. We will provide you with a free SEO audit and strategy call to make sure that our SEO services are right for you.