SEO For Chiropractors

SEO For Chiropractors

You’ve heard about SEO from colleagues, at chiropractic marketing workshops, and from clients. You searched “chiropractor SEO“ because while you understand the benefit of showing up number one in the organic search result, you are not sure how it happens.

This article teaches chiropractic SEO marketing. You will learn how SEO increases website traffic, business leads, and chiropractic clients.

The Challenges of Chiropractic SEO

We have to be honest, Chiropractor SEO is not the least competitive category for search engine optimization. However, with the right SEO strategy, your chiropractic business can achieve the top position for local keywords applicable to your business. Challenge accepted!

Through competitive analysis, we’ve found that most chiropractic SEO strategies include half of what we need in today’s digital marketing landscape. In these situations, a chiropractic clinic may have paid a SEO company for backlinks. Or they may have set up the correct technical SEO website optimization template but stopped there.

The fact is, Local SEO services require more than a one time investment. A complete chiropractic SEO service includes every component of SEO that isn’t one and done but continues with a drip campaign. Any SEO specialist suggesting half of what is required will provide short-term results that are beaten by the competition in the coming months.

Have you wrestled with the idea of paid vs. organic search marketing? Since you are reading this article, it leads me to believe that organic SEO marketing is where you want to build your foundation. If so, don’t be cheap by hiring someone who only does half the SEO work needed for long-term results.

Let’s dig into the success formula for a chiropractor SEO service.

Create Your SEO Strategy

Just like how you approach your clients’ health, you need the right SEO strategy for your website’s health. As a local SEO agency, we can only build the SEO campaign after you have the right strategy in place. A little back-and-forth conversation helps produce better keyword research having a contextual understanding of your chiropractic service.

This means that proper SEO for chiropractors requires strategy calls from the agency. This confuses some clients, as they think SEO agencies operate in a silo, building your website optimization plan. A two party strategy is important because it helps identify unique aspects of your business and community, creating what we know as local SEO intent.

Like other digital marketing strategies, you can identify faster ways to show up in the search result and new potential services or products to offer. Essentially, creating the best SEO campaign requires strategy at the beginning and throughout your engagement with an agency.

SEO For Secondary Services

On the note of strategy. Many clients recognize how you can scale a business with SEO. As the months progress, clients will contact us and say “hey, what if we started offering this service at our business? Are people looking for it and does it fit my brand?”. Whether we answer with yes or no, it gives the business owner clarity in how to best scale their business.

For existing services, you can use SEO to determine its growth potential. For example, a chiropractor that offers massage therapy can use keyword research to understand the growth potential that category has. Or, how they can separate themselves from the competition by understanding how to position their massage therapy services where it is best fit for a chiropractor clinic.

Optimize Your Google Business Listing

Wait, didn’t we hire you to optimize our website SEO? Yes, and no. Your chiropractic clinic is hiring us to drive more traffic to your business through local search. There is more to search engine optimization than focusing on website optimization.

For short tail SEO keywords, your Google Business Listing (otherwise known as the Google map pack) gets more clicks and calls than your website.

The companies showing up at the top of the Map Pack are not random. By including SEO keywords, photos that represent visual keywords, and keyword rich reviews, your listing shows up higher in the search result.

But website traffic is also a ranking factor in your Google Business Listing. Don’t think that you can simply optimize your listing and achieve the top position. The link that goes from your listing to your website affects your map pack listing.

Directory Listings

Rarely thought of as online marketing, directory listings help you increase website traffic. Increases in website traffic results in higher ranking positions. It’s a synergistic effect.

Your website needs to be listed on all high authority, chiropractor specific, and local directories. By including keyword rich text, you help these smaller search engines see you are more relevant than the competitors.

Also, Google uses these other directories to verify the information you have in your Google Listing. Google changes the information because of what they find online. Setting up all directory listings ensures Google doesn’t make a wrong decision about your company name, address, phone number, and hours of operation.

Some directories include a link to your website that is considered a no follow backlink. No follow links hold less (but not zero) backlink weight. More on this later.

Map Listings

While technically considered a directory, listings on maps are especially important for immediate traffic. While voice search may move slower than most predicted, a potential customer will use it for search terms such as “chiropractor near me“ or “chiropractors open on weekends.”

While your Google listing (and now Bing) integrates with Google Maps, others require a manual setup process. Apple Maps and TomTom are additional ways for people to find your business through voice search.

Chiropractor SEO: Optimized Web Design

Now that we’ve addressed online directories, we will move on to technical SEO. Where most Chiropractors hire website designers, you need a website developer to set up all technical SEO work on the back end of your chiropractic website.

Disregard this and it will cost you much more to fix down the road. Without proper technical SEO, the best content marketing, backlinks, and on-page SEO effort will leave you outside of the first page of Google.

Technical SEO includes things such as website structure, navigation, URL’s, meta information, SSL’s and more. These signals show Google that your website is safe, easy-to-understand, and easy to navigate.

Chiropractor SEO: Content Marketing

A quick Google search will display at least one chiropractic website with a short, outdated list of blog articles. The reason most people fail at blog content marketing is because they assume their existing audience will see and enjoy these articles. So after a few months, they stop paying for underperforming content marketing services.

Some traffic from your existing audience will reach your website through social media posts and email marketing, but not enough to warrant the investment. Blog articles are better served for the search engines and traffic from potential clients.

These articles help Google understand you are an authority on all topics related to your business. Here are three chiropractor keywords we can use as examples.

  1. Is prenatal chiropractic care safe?
  2. Will my insurance cover chiropractic care?
  3. How often should I see my chiropractor?

Creating a blog post around these subjects informs Google they should consider your business when people search for prenatal chiropractic care. This is a much better approach than stuffing “prenatal chiropractic care” one hundred times on the homepage of your website.

When you approach a content marketing strategy, consider both national SEO and Local SEO. Some topics covered will answer broad client questions, whereas others are specific to your local community. Done correctly, we can intertwine these two within the same article.

Chiropractor SEO: Backlink Building

Education based businesses have a fantastic opportunity to build organic backlinks. Chiropractic care is one of those health specialty categories where you are an expert authority and, as a result, people will mention your website. But this doesn’t always happen without a little effort.

Backlinks are links from other websites that point to the home page or specific pages on your website. Like other health & fitness SEO strategies, you can build backlinks from local blogs and publications. You also can gain backlinks from other websites in the chiropractic industry.

Outreach is an important part of our chiropractic SEO strategy. Opportunities for your expertise to be mentioned signals to Google Search, the internet thinks your chiropractic services and treatment plans are important. Your website becomes hard to beat when building backlinks alongside a strong content marketing strategy.

Chiropractor SEO: Social Media

Do you have a social media marketing plan? Then communicate with your SEO about how to squeeze more juice out of your efforts. Use SEO to improve your results in the search engine.

Your social media plan sends social signals to Google, which are now considered an important ranking factor. Consider using the blog articles you are creating and create quick videos summarizing them and post on Instagram. Better yet, put these videos on YouTube and include them in your blog article to enhance the on page experience.

If you do not have a social media plan, use SEO content marketing to create a baseline strategy, laying the foundation for more social media activity.

Another way to use Social media SEO is by using keyword research to drive your post descriptions and hashtags. This way, your posts have a reach that goes beyond your existing followers.

Your Chiropractor SEO Expert

We hope you enjoyed this article about SEO for chiropractors. At 805 SEO, we help chiropractic clinics win at organic SEO. We offer more than just SEO services; we become your business partner, helping to grow your chiropractic clinic for years to come.

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