Are Directory Listings For SEO Still A Thing?

directory listings for SEO

Directory Listings For SEO

The job of an SEO agency isn’t just to rank well on Google. Any reputable SEO agency understands their job is to drive traffic to a website through any organic search opportunity. A directory listing on a web page that receives visits is, in fact, an opportunity for search engine optimization.

What Are Online Directory Listings?

An online directory listing isn’t as simple as being the digital version of a phone book. A directory listing is anywhere that we can find your NAP (business name, address, phone number). A directory could be as wide as a Google Business Listing or as narrow as a store locator where a product is available for purchase.

Do Business Directory Listings Even Matter?

Yes, but do they matter for SEO? well, that depends on the website and the intent of that directory listing. While previously directory listings were used to build backlinks, they now require a holistic approach with a specific intent needed for each listing.

Most directories have changed their links to nofollow, meaning Google does not give them with as much weight as a ranking factor. But while they hold less weight than a natural organic article backlink, they still increase the amount of website traffic, which is a ranking factor by Google.

Directory Listings For The Local Business

We should set any local SEO strategy up in all relevant and worthwhile business directory listings. A single transaction is worth more than the cost of a local listing. Whether through optimizing keywords in your local business listing or nudging your local search position, the average cost of $5.00 to create your web directory is money well spent.

The Benefits of Directory Listings

We have touched on a few, but it really comes down to three primary reasons of why you can benefit from an online business directory.

  1. Each website has its own search engine and you may rank higher by optimizing your listing.
  2. These websites may show up first in a Google search and showcase your listing.
  3. They hold some (even if small) weight as a ranking factor for your website’s organic position.

It is a small price to pay for the possibility of developing new customers for your business.

The Directory Listings You need

There are a lot of questions about which directory listings you should choose, but it really comes down to what makes sense for your business. There is no reason to set up a directory listing for a website that has low domain authority and doesn’t get much traffic.

It is also important to consider the fact that some directory listings give customers the option to leave a review. In SEO we call this reputation management. Just like your Google Business Profile, these search engines may prioritize companies that have quality reviews filled with keyword rich details.

High Domain Authority Directories

Believe it or not, people search on websites other than Google or Yelp. Whether it is an aged or emerging directory, you want to be set up on any websites that receives a lot of traffic. You can get a rough estimate by looking up their Domain Authority.

Directories Specific To Your Industry

Just because a directory doesn’t have a high domain authority doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Being listed in industry specific directories is a great way to get more direct leads to your business. There is also a better chance that the backlink you receive will be a dofollow backlink, which holds more weight as a ranking factor.

Local Directory Listings

This may require a bit more manual effort, but the rewards are well worth the work. Being listed in a local business directory makes you appear more credible and gives people nearby the opportunity to find your small business. Also, these backlinks have a good chance of being dofollow providing search engines a strong link with local intent which can positively affect your local search results.

Social Directories

They can no longer avoid it. Social signals are an important factor to search engines and you should have your NAP listed on as many social media websites as you can be active on. Make sure we set you up on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and any other platform where we can list your business.

Maps Directories

Some might assume that only those who know where they want to go use maps services. This isn’t entirely true. Customers use google Maps, Apple Maps, and all the other maps to look for somewhere to go near them. It is crucial that your business information appears on all maps directories, including the old school MapQuest or specific maps sites like Tom Tom.

Your Local SEO Agency

Need an agency to help you set up your directory listings? 805 SEO handles directory submission and management for our SEO clients. Talk with an 805 SEO expert and find out why we are the #1 choice for SEO and content marketing.

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