Complete SEO Website Audit

To get started with SEO services for your website, you will need a complete website audit. 805 SEO is glad to offer a free SEO website audit to help you understand what’s needed to improve your website in the search engines. In addition to the free SEO report, we include a SEO strategy session giving you quick wins and next steps to start on your SEO marketing plan.

The SEO site checkup and strategy call is a $500.00 value and includes the following reports.

Content Audit

What content currently lives on your website and how is it performing in the search engine? Our free SEO audit tool will help you understand how Google sees the pages inside of your website.

This content audit covers everything from service pages, product pages, category pages, and article pages. It identifies the reasons a customer might visit your page and how Google and your customers appreciate the pages.

The report will provide clarity about how your content is currently performing in organic search.

Identifying Thin Content

Search engines dislike pages that are not descriptive about why they exist. When you have pages on your website with thin content, it not only hurts that page but also your entire site. Our SEO auditing will unpack the pages that need more content to be important, which will help your entire website’s organic SEO reach.

Keyword Audit

Your website SEO audit will include the keywords that you currently have on your website and related keywords you should include in your content strategy.

Missing or Misused Header Tags

When developing a site, we should properly structure each web page with written content both for the search engine and for the reader. It should be easy to identify what each section of the page is about. You lose ranking potential when you are missing or misuse your header tags.

Common mistakes are missing H1 tags, duplicate H1 tags, and lengthy paragraphs between header tags. Our free SEO audit services will identify the pages needing header corrections.

Missing Meta Description Information

Meta titles and meta descriptions are what you see on a Google or Bing search result page. If you are missing meta descriptions and titles on your page, the search engine creates one based upon what they believe is an appropriate title and description.

Even though Google recently changed the algorithm by changing a title or description as they see fit, it’s important to give direction about what you want them to display. Filling out the meta title and description gives them the direction needed.

Technical SEO Audit

Creating great content is not the entire picture for optimal search engine optimization. You also need to address the technical SEO issues of your website. We won’t bore you with the details, but here is a short SEO error list that you may need to address.

  • 4XX Errors
  • Broken Text Links
  • Broken Image links
  • Indexing Issues
  • Missing sitemap
  • Duplicate site content
  • Duplicate web content

Domain Authority Audit

It is important to know your current web domain power powerful. Your current domain authority will dictate the type of content you can rank for. You can chase high search terms with a strong DM but may need lesser searched terms if your DM is not yet strong enough to compete.

Linking Audit

Do you know how many websites are currently linking to your website? Are these coming from local businesses, websites directories, or coupon companies? Knowing the quantity and quality of external website links that are coming into your site is important to know.

Google pays attention to inbound links and bases a portion of your credibility, relevance and expertise on a subject based on the links you receive. Link building is a necessary part of any SEO strategy with moderate levels of competition.

Website Competitor Audit

Knowledge is power. Understanding what your competitors are doing well and where there may be gaps can give you direction where you should position yourself in the market. It will show you what type of content to create by prioritizing where you can win.

Free SEO Audit Report

Are you ready to find out how best to plan your website’s SEO? Then now is the time to speak with an 805 SEO expert and receive your Local SEO or Enterprise SEO audit. Fill out the form below and one of our SEO experts will reach out for more information to create your site audit and schedule your strategy call.