Santa Barbara Business Resources

Santa Barbara Business Resources

One of the great things about opening small businesses in Santa Barbara is the vast amount of valuable resources available to help support growth and bolster success. You will have substantial support in your corner between grants, low-interest loans, mentorship opportunities, and more.

We offer a list of the top Santa Barbara business resources to help you get everything you need in the early stages of opening your company. These opportunities come at little to no cost to you and are available to help forge partnerships within the region. 

TV Santa Barbara

The mission statement at TV Santa Barbara says it all. As a 501c3, they aim to provide individuals with knowledge, free community resources, and creative tools so that they can produce their material for the benefit of their business. Having this at your disposal allows you to create top-notch content to advertise your business, use for social media marketing or include in your services.

While this resource isn’t free, the low annual cost of $300 comes with many perks. You can check out studio equipment for up to three days, participate in special training, use the production studio, and submit content for airing on local television.

Benefits of TV Santa Barbara

Taking part in this organization will provide you with the following:

  • Production Studio Access
  • Low Membership Rate
  • Opportunity To Be On Local Television

Hutton Parker Foundation

Regarding community funding, the Hutton Parker Foundation provides various grant opportunities to help small business owners get their start. By filling out one of their no-cost grant applications, you can get financial help to cover operating costs or hire employees.

Hutton Parker Foundation also offers multi-year grants for your business to receive yearly money. Many use the funding for media relations, which the foundation can also provide through a separate community grant that the foundation offers. However, just as many prospective business owners use the funds for start-up costs.

Benefits of Hutton Parker Foundation

When partnering with the foundation, you will have the following:

  • Financial Assistance Opportunities
  • Multi-Year Grant Options
  • Media Relations Funding

Economic Development Collaborative

Businesses in Santa Barbara can take part in the Economic Development Collaborative. The EDC is an excellent opportunity to obtain funding for your workforce needs and participate in various learning opportunities. The Collaborative works to provide learning resources to those looking to embed themselves in the region or community.

Besides the above, the Collaborative offers its partnership in many ways, including

  • Navigating start-up issues
  • Working around permits
  • Filming locations for content
  • Locating work incubators,
  • Helping to get memberships in the Chamber of Commerce
  • Identifying other business associations.

These opportunities will be highly beneficial long term and bring continual growth to your company.

Benefits of Economic Development Collaborative

If you decide to partner with the Collaborative, you will have access to the following:

  • Permit and Film Assistance
  • Small Business Administration Membership Help
  • Funding Opportunities for Employers

Women’s Economic Ventures 

Suppose you are a woman in the Santa Barbara area getting ready to open a small business. In that case, joining Women’s Economic Ventures will prove to be a valuable asset. At this organization, leaders work alongside you in partnership to boost your confidence in the many areas associated with the business community.

This organization provides events and classes focusing on empowerment regarding commerce finances and professional development. Your membership allows you to access QuickBooks consulting and various funding opportunities.

Women’s Economic Ventures provides easy-to-access resources to get your small business up and going with a high likelihood of success.

Benefits of Women’s Economic Ventures

If you are a woman looking to open a small business, WEV offers the following:

  • Complimentary Workshops
  • Empowerment Sessions
  • Local Assistance Programs

Score Santa Barbara

As a regional resource for small businesses that comes at no cost to you, Score Santa Barbara offers free mentoring for those interested in starting their own company. You can enter a partnership with someone who has worked in the same field you are hoping to join or someone with a similar background. Depending on your preference, these meetings can take place in person or online. 

Another perk of Score Santa Barbara is the organization’s free annual webinars. Whether you are hoping to learn more about marketing, finance, workforce management, or other essential topics, Score Santa Barbara offers valuable insight into critical small business elements.

Benefits of Score Santa Barbara

There are many perks to Score, some of which include:

  • Free Mentorship
  • Ongoing Webinars
  • Small Business Assistance Services

Santa Barbara Foundation

One of the essential needs of starting a new business comes with having the appropriate amount of funding to finance all the moving pieces of the process. Organizations like the Santa Barbara Foundation allow you to apply for various grants to get started on the right foot.  

Besides providing grants and funding, the foundation focuses on strategic initiatives affiliated with community needs and assistance. The organization will routinely identify sectors within the community that need support and work to elevate their condition to others while providing financial aid to get them on track. 

Benefits of the Santa Barbara Foundation

The foundation offers the following benefits:

  • Community Assistance
  • Grants and Financing for Businesses
  • Strategic Initiatives

Santa Barbara City College School of Extended Learning

The Santa Barbara City College School of Extended Learning, in partnership with the Economic Development Collaborative (EDC), offers free business resources to local entrepreneurs and business owners through its two satellite Small Business Development Centers (SBDC).

The experienced team of over 50 consultants offers one-on-one help with marketing, finance, strategic planning, and other tips for Santa Barbara businesses. These services are available through in-person consultations, online meetings, or by calling the EDC Business Assistance Line.

Signing as a client provides lifetime access to EDC SBDC’s free services. The EDC Santa Barbara County Business Resource Page provides a comprehensive list of resources and partner organizations available to the community.

Final Thoughts

For those who aspire to own their own company or currently do, having adequate support is critical to the success of small businesses. Thankfully, there are many Santa Barbara business groups and resources to help create the best possible outcomes for those wanting to expand the workforce or the business community.

Through various opportunities for business consulting, economic prosperity, commerce grants, webinars, and partnerships, the Santa Barbara business community comes together to help each other succeed. 

If you can’t find the resource you’re looking for on our list, reach out. We can help you locate the help you need for businesses in the region.

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